Authentic grooves, it is the foundation of these superbly seasoned artists’ own music branding, which fuses the essence of Rock, R&B and funk, soul-stirring blues, sweet, mellow jazz and genuine soul.
A bonafide Jimi Hendrix experience and so much more…

LARRY VANN ~ “The Band of Gypsys Revisited is a challenge, an adventure! Jimi Hendrix was an incredible genius. I learned so much about his incredible music, studying from a drummer’s perspective has been phenomenal. Buddy Miles and Mitch Mitchell played some phenomenal drum grooves, like Mitch Mitchell on “Manic Depression” and Buddy Miles on “Power To Love” – to play Hendrix’s music has been an eye opening experience – a challenge and an adventure!”.

PAUL BRANIN ~ “I’ve been listening to and playing Hendrix’s music for years. It’s a lifelong challenge as the deeper you get into it the more profound his concept is revealed to be. One of the great, inspired musicians of all times. His tone, feel, sense of rhythm, solo development are all on the highest level. He also created unique soundscapes with a Stratocaster, Marshall amp, and a few pedals unlike anything heard before or since. He was also a great songwriter as well. Playing in Band Of Gypsies Revisted is such a treat for me, as well as a most worthy challenge!”

MICHAEL WARREN ~ Coming from a professional musical family in Seattle, my parents knew the Hendrix family as well as the Quincy Jones family. My brother and sisters hung out in the same musical circles as Jimi. I was just a youngster then, but I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at those jams finally getting a chance to highlight some of Hendrix’s great songs is an absolute honor for me. Very challenging music!”

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